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Sun. 28 May

Better Points


Behavioural change & behavioural data technology company that motivates, tracks & rewards positive behaviour for health, mobility, and the climate.

Richard Kirk

CEO / Founder

Est. 2010

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The Opportunity

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Key milestones

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Funding purpose

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Funding to date


Funding required


Pitch Event

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Richard Kirk

Ex-Unilever, Richard has led businesses in technology and behaviour change for over 30 years. Richard founded Projectlink plc which created the UK’s first Reward & Recognition platform and scaled it with clients including BT, HBoS, and RBS. Projectlink’s turnover was around £50 million when it was sold to a WPP subsidiary, later bought by Blackhawk Networks.

Hannah McCarthy

Hannah holds a Psychology Masters from Edinburgh and has 20 years experience in business, strategy and development, innovation and  community engagement. 

Currently working towards her PhD in Machine Learning, Incentive and Behaviour Change at University College, London.

Andy Eaton

Qualified Chartered Accountant, ex-PwC, who has worked in commerce for over 25years. Companies include Smiths, GSK and SC Johnson. Andy has significant experience of business and strategic planning, driving growth through acquisition and rationalisation. He has managed businesses and operations on many levels, including logistics and demand management, management of legal and regulatory roles, company secretarial and treasury.


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