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Fri. 23 Feb

GT Green Technologies


GT Green Technologies are delivering cutting edge wind propulsion technology to the commercial shipping industry, named AirWing. AirWing is capable of significantly reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions of the global shipping fleet and make a monumental impact to climate restoration.

George Thompson

CEO / Founder

Est. 2021

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The Opportunity

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Key milestones

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Funding purpose

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George Thompson

George Thompson is the CEO of GT Green Technologies, a technology company dedicated to transforming the shipping industry though their novel wind propulsion technology. With years of experience in the wind propulsion sector, George is a recognised expert in the field, having previously conceptualised and developed these systems for other companies. At GT Green Technologies, George leads a team of talented engineers and performance simulation experts to develop cutting-edge technology that maximises the performance of the device and reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions in the shipping industry. Through the vision and leadership of the team, GT Green Technologies is revolutionising the industry, providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the future.

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