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Wed. 22 Mar



Solving the plastic problem

Dr Henrietta Boyd

CEO / Founder

Est. 2020

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The Opportunity

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Key milestones

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Funding purpose

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Dr Henrietta Boyd

Following a degree in marine biology, and a PhD in Ecology from Cambridge University,Henrietta worked in portfolio analytics and credit research for buy-side fund manager,European Credit Management. Henrietta then spent six years as Director of Science andResearch at Permian Global – developing the world’s largest forest protection andrestoration project under emerging carbon markets. Henrietta has consulted on policyframeworks including UNEP Finance Initiative, the Tropical Forest Alliance, and served onthe REDD+ International Steering Committee for Social and Environmental Standards.Henrietta has extensive experience of delivering commercial solutions to environmentalchallenges at scale through analysis, project and relationship management, and became aregistered PRINCE2 practitioner in 2013. She has over 20 years of experience of bringingdifferent disciplines together to work effectively on diverse projects.

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