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Heata is a groundbreaking green distributed compute network that uses the waste heat from compute to heat the water in people’s homes.

Chris Jordan

CEO / Founder

Est. 2017

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The Opportunity

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Key milestones

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Funding purpose

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Funding required


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Chris Jordan

Physicist by education and nature, Bafta award-winning programmer and practical hands-on maker. Brought up in the dot-com boom, he developed the online tracking system for Richard Branson’s round the world balloon attempt, developed content management culture at the BBC, and built his own house along the way. More recently he has been focused on developing physical products which have a positive impact on the world. Heata is a neat marriage of his skill-sets and he’s happy it has the opportunity to do some good.

Mike Paisley

An award-winning Creative Director with over 20 years experience working with brands such as McKinsey &amp; Company, TrustPilot, Penguin and eBay. A curious problem-solver who likes making things make sense, he enjoys building strong, consistent brands built on good ideas and a clear sense of purpose – driving those through all aspects of the business, from visual identity, to communications, experiences and products.

Charlie Beharrell

With a background in Private Equity consulting, Charlie transitioned into the clean-tech sector in 2014, initially delivering incubation support as an Associate at Carbon Limiting Technologies, then later at Sustainable Ventures where he was responsible for designing and delivering Accelerator programmes and mentoring entrepreneurial founders with a focus on the clean energy sector. Charlie joined Bboxx in 2021, where he led one of the main commercial divisions in 10 African markets, growing sales by 10x in less than 6 months. He joined heata in March 2023 to manage investment, revenue and other commercial activities.

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