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Inclusive Energy


Our technologies ensure energy businesses in hard to reach areas can thrive.

Vijay Bhopal

CEO / Founder

Est. 2017

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The Opportunity

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Key milestones

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Funding purpose

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Vijay Bhopal

After a scientific education, Vijay has been involved in clean-tech businesses since 2011. He co-founded Scene and was a driving force behind building it into a well-reputed and profitable energy consulting and product development firm. In 2014 Vijay led Scene into the world of energy access – taking an interest in both the off-grid electricity and clean cooking sectors. Projects in Chile, India and Tanzania led to two spin-out businesses, one of which is Inclusive Energy which he has led since its inception in 2018. Vijay believes business can and should be a force for good and for green; and sees Inclusive Energy as the right vehicle to make a positive impact against climate change and poverty, while making a sizeable business.

Gareth Selby

CTO Gareth Selby has particular expertise in biogas which has allowed him to drive the development of our unique biogas metering technology. He founded CREATIVenergie in 2013 which is a charity that conceived the Smart Biogas product and has also innovated in the Oxygen concentration space. He is a mechanical engineer and architect by training and has a 10+ year career in architecture where he specialised in combining the two disciplines, working on highly energy efficient buildings (passivhaus) and building controls.

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