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New Motion Labs Ltd


New Motion Labs have developed Enduo, a new, patented plug and play sprocket technology enabling 5 billion chain drives in 5000 application's to last 3.5x longer from e-mobility to manufacturing, saving emissions and downtime.

Est. 2015

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The Opportunity

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Funding to date


Funding required


Pitch Event

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Damien Murphy

A well rounded and adaptable leader, Damien brings 15 years
of board level experience to NML.

Focused mainly on engineering and tech sectors, Damien has
lead numerous turn arounds and scale ups. Most notably at
FoundOcean where revenues grew from £1m to £50 in 5 years.
Predominantly working with VC and PE backed SMEs, he has a
strong focus on ensuring the fundamentals and organisational
health are strong enough to allow innovation the solid base it
needs to flourish.

Mark Griffiths

For over 35 years, Mark has been a noteworthy leader in the industrial chain industry.
You may know him from his work as the Managing Director of Chain Supply UK, but Mark
can also be credited with significant contributions to Ewart Chain Ltd, Renold Chain Ltd,
and Diamond Chain.
Mark holds a HNC in Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering and HND in The
Management and Improvement of Quality from The University of Derby and currently
resides in Derby. For several years during his time at Renold Chain, Mark was a member
of the European Chain Council and is currently a member of the ‘Know Your Market’
Committee at the European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA).
Mark has led an impressive career covering all sectors of the industrial chain industry,
encompassing senior roles such as Senior Design Engineer, Project Manager, Senior
Applications Engineer/R&D, Sales Manager Europe and Managing Director in his 35
years working in the industry. Significant projects he has delivered include diverse
applications including London Underground, US Post, Alton Towers, Busch Gardens,
Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Chessington World of Adventure, Kellogg’s, Cadbury, Nestle,
Warburtons, McHale, Alltech Keenan to name a few.
Following his transition into Sales via Business Development roles, he was instrumental
in the growth of both Renold Chain and Diamond Chain, both in the UK and throughout
Europe. Mark has also been featured in several well-known industry publications,
including Drives and Controls and Bearing News.
Serving as the Chief Commercial Officer at New Motion Labs, Mark plays a major role in
Sales, Marketing and Licensing. Through his commitment to this role, he has helped New
Motion Labs establish a clear strategy for the Industrial Market sector in addition to
helping realign focus on the E-Mobility sector.
Mark is a dynamic, resourceful and enthusiastic leader with a can-do attitude; An
effective communicator at all levels within the organization to influence positive change
with a commitment to leading by example and providing each and every member of
the organization the opportunity to grow and develop to the best of their potential.

Kate Willemite

Kate Willemite is an experienced Finance and Operations Director and
Chartered accountant that has worked in the wholesale, retail, sports
footwear and apparel industries. In her 20 year finance career, Kate has
played a key role in managing the finance strategy and working capital of
businesses such as Ariat Europe and Blackwell’s Bookshops.
In 2021 Kate has launched Hived Consultants Limited to act as a portfolio
finance director and a virtual finance department to small businesses. Her
client portfolio includes businesses in a wide range of sectors, such as design,
technology, manufacturing and fashion and range from owner managed
SMEs to multi million turnover companies. Kate is currently working with high
growth startups to reach their potential.
Kate is passionate about helping businesses flourish and thrive through
developing growth plans based on a solid foundation of cashflow and working
capital. Her approach is through building rapport, communication, coaching
and mentoring in order to be successful. This is substantiated by an excellent
technical knowledge of accounting and tax required to support businesses.

Marcel Fowler

Marcel is the Founder and Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer at New
Motion Labs. Marcel has been working in the micro mobility for 7 years and grew
the company as CEO for 5 years before focusing on his core strengths and mission
of delivering sustainable impact through fundamental engineering innovation.
Marcel has been recognised as author and co-author on New Motion Labs
revolutionary patents and has successfully spearheaded multi-million Innovate UK
grant projects as well as being a published academic in the engineering field.
Prior to taking on this role, Marcel gained experience in running complex, worldwide
projects and building teams as the Management Consultant at Ninety Consulting
Marcel has been featured in Cycling Weekly and the GCN Youtube Channel and
has spoken at several industry events, including Startup AutoBahn (Plug and Play),
Global Venture Symposium, and TechCrunch Mobility Summit.

Cristoph Hesterberg

Mr. Hesterberg has led an impressive career as an international Key Account
Manager and as Head of Export Sales in his over twelve years working in the
bicycle industry.
Serving as the Head of Product Sales at New Motion Labs Ltd., Mr. Hesterberg
plays a major role in Sales and Sales related Strategy. Through his
commitment to this role, he will help New Motion Labs Ltd. improve in sales
turnover, sales strategy and process implementation.
Before joining the New Motion Labs Ltd. Team in October this year, he was
Head of Export Sales at Company Wilhelm Humpert GmbH & Co. KG (ergotec)
from 2015-2023 and Head of Sales at Company KMC Global GmbH (in 2023
new founded subcompany of KMC Holdings Taiwan) from 2023- start at New
Motion Labs in October 2023.
Mr. Hesterberg has led an impressive career as an international Key Account
Manager and for several years as Head of Export Sales in his over twelve years
working in the bicycle industry.

Sarah Askari

Sarah Askari is a hardworking, conscientious, and collaborative individual with
20 years’ experience in Senior Account Management and Business Development
roles, building long standing client relationships, driving sales, building brands,
and educating clients.
She is s a true team player, working with different departments and colleagues
effectively and offering excellent leadership and guidance to her team to ensure
they have the support and tools they require to succeed and deliver.
Sarah is Head of Licensing at New Motion Labs and is part of the senior
management team. The licensing department is responsible for managing all
the critical licensing deals for the e-mobility sector and developing the strategy
and commercialisation plan as we move into the industrial sector, working
closely with the legal team, marketing, and engineering departments to deliver
this strategy. The ultimate goal is to commercialise Enduo successfully within
the industrial sector mapping out a clear phased plan to expand our
geographical and sector reach.

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