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Sun. 28 May

New Motion Labs


The worlds fastest and most durable drive train. Save power, save carbon and save cost,​ because performance shouldn’t cost the earth.

Marcel Fowler

CEO / Founder

Est. 2015

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The Opportunity

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Key milestones

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Funding purpose

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Steven Senior

Alongside work with New Motion Labs, Steven serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at the Royal Society, which serves to promote cutting-edge industrial science, research and innovation in UK universities. 

He is a fierce proponent of creating a workplace culture that engenders harmony and creativity, then building amazing, collaborative teams who are not only clever together but who are best placed to deliver the plan and effect change. He then harnesses this culture and creativity to implement visionary sales and marketing strategies, which take account of the scalability, systems and structure that businesses need to exploit new markets and grow. 

Stevens’ key career achievements include playing a pivotal role at Rolls Royce Aerospace, where he operated as a Senior Executive and Business Unit Director, also growing a group of companies, as Managing Director and Shareholder, from £300k to £7m annual turnover before pursuing his entrepreneurial ambitions.

He is a self-confessed disruptive entrepreneur and attributes his success in transforming the fortunes of every business he has been a part of to a wholehearted commitment to his key winning concepts. Steven champions the theory of imperfection, learning how to fail faster to succeed better and motivating individuals to become the best versions of themselves. Above all, he believes in the transformative power of teamwork, harmony and vision. 

Marcel Fowler

A highly skilled mechanical engineer and business professional, Marcel founded the company in 2015 during which he was completing his master’s degree program in engineering with innovation and entrepreneurship at University College London. Qualifying with a distinction, Marcel then went into an Innovation consultancy position at Ninety, running digital transformation worldwide projects with Zurich, RSA amongst others before starting New Motion Labs.

Marcel met Steve Senior through Setsquared before handing over the company in May 2022 to concentrate on developing the engineering for the company becoming the Director of Engineering and has since overseen the deployment of Enduo Cargo, Track and Enduo Ride.

Sarah Askari

Sarah is a hardworking, conscientious and collaborative individual with 20 years experience in Account Management and Business Development roles, building long standing client relationships, driving sales, building brands and educating clients.

As part of the management team at New Motion Labs she reports directly to the CEO with a key role to build brand awareness through social media, exhibitions and e-commerce and to increase revenue and create business opportunities by expanding our companies reach. Building relationships with prospective clients who include the world’s major fleet operators of cargo bikes and e-bikes, the largest OEMs and component resellers. 

Also with a focus to take our Enduo Technology into the industrial market to revolutionise areas such as automotive, farming, production lines to name a few.

Lucas Lobmeyer

Lucas is a passionate Head of Sales with an extensive background in product development and finite element analysis simulation. His career has given him vast experience in multi-national corporations, such as Robert Bosch GmbH and Apple. Combined with an educational background of five Universities, Lucas has been exposed to and has a strong experience in the advantages given by culturally diverse environments and global partnerships. Lucas has obtained a Bend from Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, studied Mechanical Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University and Danmarks Tekniske Universiteit and obtained an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main.

Sue Hatherley

Sue has worked for over 30 years in Financial Services and has a breadth of experience in Accounting, Operations, Systems, HR, Health and Safety, Corporate matters, and Compliance. Having worked for PLC’s (BAT Group and FCC) plus some SME’s Sue has a strong track record of delivering on large scale projects and delivering practical, results oriented solutions, adapting to the needs of the Company as it expands and grows.

Joshua Palmer

Joshua Palmer is a Head of Operations at NML. Joshua graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Cambridge and Ecole Centrale Paris. Joshua has managed the development of the Enduo Evolve design from mathematical modelling to design concepts, to prototype production and testing. Additionally, he has designed several solutions to challenging problems in an academic context, using, theory, prototyping and testing for design verification: one such project designing structural components for a human powered vehicle. Josh is the Head of Ops at NML and responsible for overall management of partners and subcontractors.

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