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Sun. 28 May

Packamama (Delivering Happiness Limited)


Extraordinary times require extraordinary packaging. We are the climate-tech packaging provider reshaping the wine industry by offering the future of wine packaging today.

Santiago Navarro

CEO / Founder

Est. 2016

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The Opportunity

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Funding purpose

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Funding to date


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Santiago Navarro

Santiago is an entrepreneur who first entered the world of wine professionally in 2010. His first venture was an online retailer and the world’s first retailer to use scientific analysis to rate and score wines for their intrinsic quality. It was while building this business that Santiago came to realise that round, glass bottles used by most to package and move wines were 19th century product technology and no longer fit for purpose in the challenging 21st century. Recognising that this global problem was more than 25 billion units annually in volume, he decided to start working on coming up with an innovative wine packaging solution that might represent the industry’s biggest opportunity. Several years later, having introduced his eco-flat bottles to the world in 2018, Santiago is focused on leading the growth of his business, Packamama, multinationally.

Amelia Dales

Amelia Dales left her family’s business in the shooting industry in 2018 to join a nascent business that she believed stood a chance of reshaping the wine industry with a challenger, sustainable packaging offering. Since, she has worked alongside Santiago in building Garçon Wines firstly, which then evolved into Packamama. As a winner of both the Rising Star award at the UK Packaging Awards 2020 and Packaging Innovations’ 30 Under 30 in the same year, Amelia spearheads Packamama’s commercial activities in her role of Commercial Director, also covering the Australian market.

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